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Yoshitaka Narita, MD, PhD

  • Department

    Neurosurgery and Neuro-Oncology

  • :Yoshitaka Narita

The aim of department is to cure of gliomas. His subspecialty is brain tumor surgery, molecular biology and neuro-oncology. He organizes most of clinical trials in Japan against malignant brain tumors including gliomas, primary central nervous tumors and brain metastases. He experiences First-in-Human (phase I) clinical trial as PI.

The department always collaborates with Dr. Ichimura in division of Brain Tumor Translational Research in National Cancer Center Research Institute for molecular diagnosis of malignant brain tumors and development of new treatment. He is a 2016/2017 congress president of Japanese Congress of Neurological Surgery and a board member of Japan Society of Neuro-Oncology.